DIY House Medic

Call 811 Before You Dig; Frost Lines and Post Holes

May 23, 2022 Contractor John Season 3 Episode 115
DIY House Medic
Call 811 Before You Dig; Frost Lines and Post Holes
Show Notes

DIY House Medic Podcast Show Notes

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Season: 3

Episode: 115

Episode Title: JULIE, Call 811 Before You Dig, and Frost Lines and Post Holes

Episode Summary:

Who ya gonna call Ghostbusters?? No, You call 811 before you dig. Contractor John explains the nationwide utility locating service and its FREE. Also, the regular segments, prepping for Jeopardy fact of the week, and the tip of the week to ya, and a new segment called “What They Said”

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Find Your Local Arm For 811

Regional Frost Lines in the U.S.

National Weather Service Actual Frost Information

Flag Colors

For marking utilities

   Yellow |  Gas, Oil, Steam
  Red |  Electric
  Blue |  Water
  Green |  Sewer
  Orange |  Communications (Telephone, Cable, Fiber Optic)
  Pink |  Temporary Survey Markings

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