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22 Tips To Get Your Home Ready for Winter, Even If You Don't Have Snow!

September 27, 2021 Contractor John Season 2 Episode 77
DIY House Medic
22 Tips To Get Your Home Ready for Winter, Even If You Don't Have Snow!
Show Notes

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Season:  2

Episode: 77

Episode Title: 22 Tips To Get Your Home Ready for Winter, even if you don’t have snow!

 Episode Summary:

Contractor John simplifies helps you get you home ready for the upcoming season change with 22 tips. We answer the listener call of the week about rattling dishes. Also, the tip of the week to ya and the prepping for Jeopardy fact of the week! 

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                                                                                                    22 Tips To get your home ready for winter

1.Store patio furniture. 

2.Winterize your BBQ grill2. Bring in plants.

3.Drain and store garden hoses.  

4. Check gutters and downspouts. 

5. Prep your fireplace. 

6. Touch up paint on any bare wood, and also touch up any metal railings.

7. Check caulk on windows and doors as well as any penetrations into the house

8. Inspect weatherstripping on house and garage doors.

9. Stock up on salt or other ice melting products.

10. Trim back bushes and trees from the house and roof.

11. Store Garden tools and get the snow shovels and snowblower ready for action.

12. Time to change to snow tires, so call and schedule an appointment.

13. If you use heat tapes check that they are in place and operating.

14. Make arrangements to have your snow shoveled from sidewalks and or have your driveway plowed. 

15. Do not cover your a/c unit. 

16. Fertilize your lawn with a winter guard type of product

17. Take a good look at your roof especially at intersections and flashings.

18. Get your bird feeders out and fill them up.

19. Check smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers. 

 20. Clean humidifier

 21. Wash all of your linens.  

22. Switch the direction of your ceiling fans. If you do not use your ceiling fans in the summertime 

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